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    I think the time has come to retire my not-so-trusty-anymore PC desktop computer. I designed and built this thing from scratch, probably around 2004. I'm running a 1.1gHz Athlon processor, on a PCI/AGP slot ATX motherboard, probably maxed out DDR2 ram to 1 gig. Neither of my CD or DVD drives are running anymore, and haven't for quite some time. In ten years, I've changed one power-supply, and one hard-drive. My hard-drive is 80GBs/7200rpm, and very quiet. Most of the time, it's fine, except I've been having longer wait times opening a web pages, and YouTube music videos are terribly out-of-synch, with lots of frame drop-outs.

    Now, I haven't read a thing about computers for YEARS!!! I realize that multi-core processors have been out there  for quite some time now, and undoubtedly, buss-speeds have increased dramatically. If you were shopping for a new computer these days, what would you be looking at? I'm pretty leery about going with big-name-brands like HP, mostly because I like the idea of a motherboard with expansion slots, and the ability to swap out video and sound cards. Many of the big-names don't offer that expandability, since their video and sound chips are fixed on the motherboard.

    Tonight I took a peek at some of the iMac's, w/ i5 and i7 processors, 1TB drives, 8GB's of DDR5 RAM, and the beautiful iMac 27" displays. VERY nice.

    What's happening in the world of PC's? Where's the current sweet-spot,,,, that balance between performance and price. I don't need cutting-edge,  but I also don't want yesterdays' newspaper. I'd like something that might have been considered top-shelf a year ago. Also, if there's something dramatically new, looming just over the horizon,  I'd like to know.



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    Considering the age of your current machine, anything is going to feel very fast and actually is way faster. Now I'm a former PC/Network tech and CNA who has moved to Macs. Yes they cost more, but you will get more than you're expecting. I was expecting a functional laptop with working firewire, a necessity for recording in my life. What I got that wasn't expected is 7+ hours running time on a full charge. My MacBook Pro is almost 4 years old and I still get about 7 hours on a full charge. I also didn't expect fully back lit keyboard. Very useful in the dark. I also wasn't expecting to be able to run Windows, but I got that too. (Needed to buy the OS, but the hardware fully supports it.) Now for $500 you can get a PC laptop that will run rings around what you used to own and probably have a 2 hour battery life between charges. (Just go into any coffee bar and look and see who's plugged in. Macs are rarely plugged in there and PC Laptops are mostly plugged in.) In today's world, laptops might not be expandable, but they have just about the same power as a desktop with a lot more functionality. You can still get desktops that allow expansion. If you have a particular piece of equipment in mind, better check what style and OS is compatible with it.


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      Bobby, sounds like you already talked yourself into a new one. I have been a faithful Mac owner since 1988 when I started at NASA doing systems admin. I will never own another PC if I can help it. My house has an iMac, MiniMac, one Macbook Pro laptop, two MacBook Air laptops, and a couple of older iMacs in the garage that get pressed into audio work sometimes. I have one lonely HP laptop that has served me well (a lighting program and a wireless management program required a PC to run while my Mac ran my 01v96's.) The PC never gets used anymore, but we keep wearing out or out growing the Macs. New OS's mean new hardware at some point, and it sounds like you are there...


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        I just picked up a Mac book pro to replace my Mac mini. It was a pain dragging around the ATA case, setting up the monitor etc. the mini served me well, helping me multitrack and remote mix with my StudioLives, but it was time to streamline. Mine is a bit older, from 2012, but I wanted a DVD drive. I get music on CD monthly from one if the music pools I belong to for DJ'ing. It was a pain putting it in my desktop, then onto a USB drive and then finally only the portable drive. Now I just pop in the CD and hop it to the portable drive.

        I might end up moving the mini into my basement as a desktop for editing video etc.
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