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  • I have started a new job...

    I know some of you bass players are well aware of this, and have followed the speculation drama thread over at TalkBass, but I thought I would just copy my post from TalkBass here so you guys know the rest of the story...

    Yes it is true that Genz Benz as a brand has been mothballed, and that Jeff has indeed left the building. I have also left the building... sort of... I will continue to handle all factory level warranty support of G.B. product for KMC. Jeff, Roger, Scott and I are proud of the accomplishments we have made pushing the envelope of bass and acoustic amplification, and equally proud of our customer service values. This continued warranty service support is just an extension of our devotion to our valued customers over the years. Jeff and I have known each other and worked together on various projects for ~25 years. I can say without qualification that I have never worked with as good of a group of folks as the Genz Benz/KMC Music folks, and wouldn't trade this experience or Jeff's friendship for anything. Also, it should be mentioned that there are a lot of good guys at Fender as well, our vision just didn't work within their vision. No need to speak negatively about them, let's see what their vision for the future brings to the bass world.

    That said, I would also like to confirm another rumor. I have accepted the position of Product Development Engineer at Mesa Engineering. I have always admired their products, their people, their build quality, and especially their customer service. Everybody that I have met there reminds me of the "good 'ol days" at G.B. with the passion, creativity, personality, and bonus... they are local to me! 

    Jeff and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and friendship with Genz Benz over the years. Most of you may never know how much it means to us. Behind every brand is people, people like you and me, and it's people that make the world go around. 

    Former product development engineer: Genz Benz, a KMC Music/FMIC/JAM Industries Company, continuing factory level product support and service for Genz Benz

    Currently product development engineer: Mesa Boogie

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    Glad to hear that you landed somewhere cool. :-)



    formerly known as IsildursBane


    • loco_p_man
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      ...and nice to see the positive, professional and constructive way you have communicated the news.....we would expect nothing less !

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    When one door closes...

    Congratulations on your new position. Many decades ago, I knew someone that worked at Mesa and they loved it there. I trust you will as well.


    • Rob_H
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      Sorry things didn't work out at GB Andy,

      I really appreciate the work you guys did over there, as you know I have been running the 1200's since they came out, really solid product that has been road worthy and dependable for years. I am really glad things worked out for you to find a role at Mesa, another solid brand that has stood the test of time and consistently delivered high quality products. I used to run Bass 400's before switching over to the 1200's and still have a Triple Rec half stack (sold the Road King) as one of my guitar rigs.

      I figured the end was near once Fender got involved, too small a market cap for GB to fit their brand positioning regardless of how good the product was/is although I am sure that hybrid front end will make it into some F branded amp. All the best at Mesa and as expected, you handled the news publicly like a professional and a gentleman no matter how much it burned; that is for sure a rare trait in today's "it's all about me" world.


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    Good to hear Andy. I am sure your considerable experience will be a valuable asset to Mesa!
    With Greater Knowledge Comes Greater Understanding


    • modulusman
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       Yeah it sucks that Genz Benz is no longer in business. I doubt I will be selling any of my GB gear. If I ever decide to buy something different I will definately look at mesa again. I have owned a walkabout,an Impulse 600 and a pair of mesa cabs before. Congrats on your new job.

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    Andy, as always I wish you nothing but the best for your new future at Mesa. Sounds like a dream job when you run into people that remind you of a past work environment you enjoyed. We're looking forward to your first new product!

    "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else" - Yogi Berra, 1925-2015


    • BillESC
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      Good luck my friend.


    • Audiopile
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      Congratulations Andy.

      I'll suggest your position with MESA/Boogie is the "natural" fit.

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    Andy -

    Sometimes change is a fresh breeze...lifting the stink of old problems, headaches, and the dailey churn.   

    On your good name, I bought several GB bass products for my wife and they are still serving us well; thank you.   

    Best of luck in your new digs.  I'm glad you quickly found a good fit.  I've always had respect for Mesa and now even more so with  your addition.

    Congrats on the new job,





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      Always found it comical how my gear ownership has unwittingly followed your work product lock-step... from Tubeworks to Genz Benz to... well, Imma have to test drive me some Mesa gear in the future methinks.

      Congrats, Andy! I hope Mesa realizes how lucky they are to have you in their midst.

      Where the Mississippi River runs west...


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        Congrats on the new position!

        Does this mean you will be working on products with fire bottles?
        Don Boomer


        • andertone
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          Outstanding people always are working, you have just changed venues, as others have said, many of my bass musical decisions for the last 10 years have been the results of following your comments on the two boards.   Must buy backup Streamliner until your next Mesa designed bass amp hits the floor.  And if you ever need Mexican food, come find us here in Tucson, we know the place :-)


          BTW, how was it mixing Jack Casady and Hot Tuna last week?

        • Dogoth
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          Bobby1Note wrote:


            I commend you on a very classy departure announcement, and wish you all the success in the world at Mesa Engineering. There's something totally invigorating about heading down a new road, with a fresh challenge ahead. Best of luck to you, and I'll be looking forward to innovative and exciting products from Mesa Engineering.

            Now I'll know who to ask, when I try to figure out which knobs stay pulled, or pushed, on my Mk.III Boogie, or my B-400.:smiley-music017:

          That must be a class A/B amp (get it - push-pull :-). Actually I think the Mk III IS a push pull output (two or four 6L6 tubes correct?).

        • agedhorse
          agedhorse commented
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          Yes, most of their amps are push-pull output stages.

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        Andy are you leaving Davis?

        A&H GL2800 console, BagEnd Crystals over D-18's, 12"and 15" BagEnd and EAW wedges powered and processed by QSC, Klark, BSS, Symetrix, Valley, Sabine, Peavey and BagEnd INFRA.


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          Nice gig! Strongly considering gong back to a Mesa as my next amp. Tien somebody used to be the main tech that I would speak to until he got promoted. Wonder if he is still there. Congrats! The Express Plus 5:25 looks very tempting!

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            Congrats Andy.  Boogie is getting a good guy.


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              I have a mildly amusing story that illustrates how far we've come in information/media since I was a teen. Back then there was no internet, of course (yes, we had cars and telephones....and TV!!) and a lot of what we heard about in the music business was word of mouth. There was no, "hang on, I'll Google that".

              Well, I was talking to my friend Karl about speaker cabinets and guitar amps, and he tells me about this really cool amp he tried in a local music store. I asked him what brand it was...Fender, Marshall, Sunn, Acoustic, Kustom? He replied, "No, it was a Bogey Messer".

              For years after that I'd never seen the brand he mentioned anywhere. Then one day I saw the brand, and the mistake....

              "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else" - Yogi Berra, 1925-2015


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                Hot Tuna was great. Boy can those guys play!
                Former product development engineer: Genz Benz, a KMC Music/FMIC/JAM Industries Company, continuing factory level product support and service for Genz Benz

                Currently product development engineer: Mesa Boogie


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                  Still continuing with live gigs.
                  Former product development engineer: Genz Benz, a KMC Music/FMIC/JAM Industries Company, continuing factory level product support and service for Genz Benz

                  Currently product development engineer: Mesa Boogie


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