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More info on the fake Sennheiser e945's

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  • More info on the fake Sennheiser e945's

    I purchased a Sennheiser e945 from an Ebay auction stating "Brand new in the box".  One thing that really helped me was having a known real and good e945 for comparison.  Here's what came in the package.e945 in box.jpg So far looking good right?

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    Looks like the other one I have, with some very slight visible difference, but the other one (known good) is about two years old.  But wait, this doesn't look right.

    e945 plug end.jpgThe plug is set in the mic body a little deep.  It does plug in and work, but it doesn't have the same sound as my other e945.  So let's take off the windscreen and compare.

    e945 capsule3.jpg The one on the right is the older one, but the epoxy on the wiring looks better on the new one.  It's not a camera angle thing, the capsule on the left has got a slight angle, that isn't right, and there isn't an O ring at the base of the windscreen threads.  Hmmm....

    So when you take off the windscreen there's just one small set screw that allows you to pull the internals right out the top of the mic body.

    e945 internal1.jpgNot a huge difference from this side.

    e945 internal2.jpg  Ruh roh!  Something is missing!  Like the circuitry and shock dampening you get in a real e945!

    e945 capsule4.jpg The fake. 

    e945 internal3.jpg  Real.


    I weighed them on a postal scale and the real one weighs 12.7 grams, and the fake 11.2, so the fast and easy way to tell without taking anything apart will be weight.

    Also new Sennheisers have a square smart phone bar code that you can scan and run through thier website (don't as me how, I have a stupid phone), but it's another security measure.

    I was lucky the seller took it back and gave me a full refund, I was only out $12 for postage.  Either this is a fake, or someone who knows these mics took the guts from a cheaper model and swapped them for the good one.  Buyer beware!!


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      I always buy mics from authorized dealers. Just bought a new e609 this weekend. I don't doubt it's authenticity.

      The $20 I might save online simply isn't worth it for me.
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        I bought a e835 and everything tells me that it's a original Sennheiser. Except for the weight.
        Original e835: 330g; My mic: 342g. A big difference, in my opinion. I'm thinking it could be a counterfeit..


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          This doubt is driving me crazy... can anybody help me? What more can I do to detect if my mic is a fake?


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            2 grams? Is your scale right on? Where did you buy it?


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              • Mike013
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                12 grams actually. I opened the mic and it looks pretty much like the fake one on these photos. There's a silver screw and the wires are tied in the body. And that's it. The golden part and the sponge it's missing. I'm really thinking it's a counterfeit..
                Has anybody opened yet a e835?