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My New Stage Acoustic Rig - Carvin AC275


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  • My New Stage Acoustic Rig - Carvin AC275

    Here is the rest of the album:


    Folks this thing is something special. Showed up in tune. You can see that the string height at the twelth fret is right under 1/16th of an inch.

    I forgot to order straplocks with the guitar - so that will be the first upgrade.

    I plugged it into my accoustic set up with the Bose L1 M2. Selected the ToneEngine setting for a Taylor T5 - and tried it without any other processing. Sounded fantastic. Played like a dream. I dialed in some of the Fishman Spectrum Aura DI - and it was even nicer. This thing sustains and like mad - and has very nice overtones.

    The neck feels very close to my PRS WT necks. I ordered the 10" radius option so it would play as close as possible to the PRS necks.

    The weight is comfy - and the balance is spot on.

    Fit and finish are superb. The tuners (Sperzel Locking) are also nice. I chose the satin Vintage Yellow transluscent finish - with a spruce top. There is a little grain - showing through. All in all I think it is a very tasteful looking guitar.

    Only paused in playing to get the pix posted. Hope you guys enjoy them.

    I've played Gibson and Epiphone Chet Atkins SSTs, and a Taylor T5. This guitar was by far the correct choice for me. Very reasonably priced - IMO.

    I still need to find the correct strap length for most of my playing - but that is about it.

    I get the feeling that this Cavin/Bose/Fishman rig will serve me very well for my duo and unplugged acts.

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    wow sounds like a great rig.. the carvin + bose + fishman... im very jealous!

    would love to hear some sounds or a youtube if you ever get one going...

    cheers and best of luck with your new setup


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      Finally had a chance to play this guitars in an ensemble (trio with me, electric guitar and bass). We do an unplugged thing at small restaurants and pubs - mostly rock covers.

      All who heard agree that this is a big step up from the ancient Ovation ('77 Custom Baladeer) that I had been using.

      Over the weeks - I have become very accustomed to this particular guitar. It is the one that I grab every night when I get home from work. I can rehearse with it for either my full band gig - or the acoustic duo/trio stuff. The only other guitar that I've played much since taking delivery on the AC is my PRS CE-24 (my main stage guitar for the rock cover band).

      I have the Fishman dialed in to where it produces a notable effect that does in fact mimic a nicely mic'd instrument. I am using the Taylor T5 preset on the T1 ToneEngine. I keep the eq flat on the Fishman and adjust the zEQ on the T1 for the room.

      I use a sparing amount of reverb only - for most songs. Every once in a while I will use the T1's chorus.

      Very impressed with the value of this instrument. Highly recommended.