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  • Doing something different.

    I have my private practice in a small town right next to the small town I live in. Someone has opened a new coffee house a few doors from my office in an attempt to bring some nightlife to the town that doesn't involve alcohol. I have agreed to play once a month for tips. (I want to see this place succeed; I am not sure that she will manage to at least break even right now.)

    Since my usual folkie stuff won't go over as well, I have purchased a cheap A/E guitar and also use my electric guitar with effects in a blend of original songs and covers of some of my favorite songs. Covers for my next gig include:

    Long Black Veil

    Catch the Wind


    Uncle John's Band

    Up on Cripple Creek - electric

    Hurdy Gurdy Man - electric

    Good Lovin' - electric

    Eight Days a Week - electric

    Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - electric

    Heart of Gold

    Casey Jones (the Mississippi John Hurt version)



    Ring of Fire

    Sounds of Silence

    Sixteen Tons

    Knockin' On Heaven's Door

    Wild About my Lovin'

    Season of the Witch - electric

    Proud Mary - electric

    Across the Universe - electric

    It will be fun to do something different for a change.
    Gary Blanchard

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    Looks like a good set. I'd love to come hear you. Have fun!


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      Great song picks.
      “One who loves & understands nature will never be alone & will never be afraid.”
      -Rachel Carson-


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        Thanks, guys. Many of these songs have been in my playbook since they first came out, but many of them I had not played in years. Eight Days a Week is actually new to me; I even worked out that little into/outro riff, which is something I don't usually do. It works well with the electric guitar, though.
        Gary Blanchard