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whatz so bad about "Brown Eyed Girl" anyway


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaster
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    But then I played a slow blues, Affirmation (Benson), and OGD (Wes Montgomery) and got a much bigger response.

    "Affirmation" is great tune IMO- WAY mo better than Breezin' which is the low hanging fruit of smoov jazzz (also IMO). Got a clip of that one?
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      IMO, Playing to the audience you have in front of you is very important. If you have a jazz audience, play jazz, if you have a pop audience, play pop.

      I used to be a regular at a Sunday Jazz Jam many years ago. If we played B.E.G. there it would have been totally inappropriate -- that is unless we made a jazz tune out of it. But that gig was a long time ago, only one day a week, and it really didn't pay that well
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        Quote Originally Posted by Piano Whore
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        "Affirmation" is great tune IMO- WAY mo better than Breezin' which is the low hanging fruit of smoov jazzz (also IMO). Got a clip of that one?

        Affirmation, is a fine tune but I also do Breezin' because that's the one people know... which can translate into tips

        I don't have a clip of Affirmation but I've got a short band clip of Dinorah Dinorah which is an Ivan Lines tune that Benson covered. It's actually a song about a prositute, which is maybe why Benson did it as an instrumental!

        Excuse the poor cell phone audio quality... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkTM_07b3L4


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          Musicians hate BEG because they feel it's worn-out and it's a song that "every band" does. The public --- especially the young pretty girls -- still loves it.

          Personally, I'm playing for the crowd because, ultimately, they are the ones both writing my paycheck and writing the reviews. And I'd much rather play BEG for a packed dance-floor than play, say, Deacon Blues (I song I personally LOVE) for crickets every time.


          And, for what it's worth, I very rarely play BEG because we've found other songs we personally like better that fill the same spot in the set. But for any act that's doing it? I get it 100%.
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