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whatz so bad about "Brown Eyed Girl" anyway

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  • whatz so bad about "Brown Eyed Girl" anyway

    I don't get it.

    It's got a nice little riff

    a good hook

    tells a story

    isn't slow and brooding

    chicks dance to it

    fire away
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    I do the song at every job.

    along with -- moondance, wild nights, into the mystic, and have i told you lately

    Van is the man.


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      Great 2nd fave VM tune, with "Wild Night" being #1.
      God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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        the problem is that every band everywhere has played that song to death. At one point the drummer in our blues band insisted we add it to our playlist...he's no longer with us. It isn't the song's fault, per se, it is, well... I blame society. Mustang Sally, Proud Mary, HOTRS, Stand By Me (sadly), My Girl (also sadly)...they have just been done so many times they have become, well ...trite, and to me playing them seems obsequious. Anyone who spent years in cover bands, especially playing 5 night strips for years, knows where I am coming from. There are songs you just don't want to ever have to play ever again.
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          Quote Originally Posted by Terry Allan Hall
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          Great 2nd fave VM tune, with "Wild Night" being #1.

          I always thought that "Wild Night" should be Van's "Proud Mary Moment"
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            Domino is another good one.


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              I like it, too. Plus I get to tell the Van Morrison story every time I introduce it:

              Do any of you know how Van Morrison got his unique first name? A: It was where he was conceived! (moans from audience)


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                And there's the thing--Van wrote probably a dozen, maybe more, REALLY GREAT songs. And while all-but-one of those are generally tolerated, one is, apparently, required. Some of us don't think songs should be required.
                All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)


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                  Kinda funny Wild nights, Brown eyed girl and proud mary were all songs in the last band I played in, I always wondered why, now I know, maybe it's just in our DNA now?


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                    And how come no bass player can ever get that "wild nights" intro right? Why do they always improv it?


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                      Somehow I still like "Brown Eyed Girl".

                      It's every over-played Eagles song that I have a problem with.
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                        I like it. Total mindless warm up song to get a sense of the crowd. Dont even have to think about playing it anymore.
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                          I still like playing it and it always seems to go over. Almost any time during the night - no matter what set. It is "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" that I can't stomach anymore. But, whenever we drop it from the list it ends up getting requested. Ug!


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                            Wow...refreshing that nobody ragged on it. I play it almost every gig too. I wouldn't listen to it if it came on the radio though.


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                              I find it's a great song, as long as it's well played. The impact of the first few seconds of that song, make or break it IMO. You gotta be able to pull off the licks, and it's so much better when you have a good bass-player. If it's just strummed solo,,,, nah.
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