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  • Any blues based solos or duos

    Would like to hear your experiences in marketing such an act. Viability and so on. I realize that what flies in one region might not fly in another. The best of the Holidays to all. Hug those little ones and pray for peace (mentally and globally).

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    Our local pub had a fellow named Al Lerman recently who played just the blues. Very good player. He's better known for being in a band called "Fathead" and, I think, is just testing out the solo thing. I was at the gig and the audience wasn't huge but those of us there (virtually all musicians btw) had a good time. There's a balance to be had between ODO (obviously doing the obvious) where you play what you think the average audience wants and specialty like just the blues. He seemed a good fellow, maybe you could contact him and ask his experience. He's on the internet.
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      It wouldn't go far in my area. The only chance of getting gigs playing the Blues is with a band. The only solo Blues player I've seen was at the local Blues festival. Part of his thing was educating kids on Blues history with examples i.e. Mississippi Delta Blues, Chicago Blues etc.


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        Coming from the idiom, I originally thought I would just strip down my band approach and go solo...didn't work. The band has enough trouble getting gigs*, and sadly, Los Angeles is going through another phase, musically. There will be a resurgence of interest in roots music in the next few years, and I will be ready...old, but ready. Finding that there was a dearth of decent opportunity for blues soloists, I have spent the last year retraining my voice and learning songs I think will work with my voice and musical skill. (I did post a list of stuff I'm working on in the 'set list' sticky thread a while back). I am going out to open mic nights, using my blues skills as an opener, and then slipping in something more 'pop', like 'Runaway'(everyone seems to know this song), 'Wicked Game' (3 repeating chords, easy to call), etc.

        *not your run of the mill blues band, we were in the opening band rotation at BB King's Hollywood(Universal Studios CityWalk). We now do strictly Corporate/Private gigs, better $, less BS.
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