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SWEET! SampleTank for iOS "plays nicely" with AmpKit+ and backing tracks playback


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  • SWEET! SampleTank for iOS "plays nicely" with AmpKit+ and backing tracks playback

    Plus, it works quite well with the Alesis IO Dock.

    So... without adding anything but a small keyboard controller to my VERY minimalist setup, I can now play keyboard parts for songs that warrant them during my live shows, with all audio processing (except vocals) handled by the iPad.

    For small venues:

    iPad running AmpKit+ and SampleTank
    Alesis IO Dock
    Mic + stand
    Fender Acoustasonic Junior
    Keyboard controller

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    Sounds great. I've been thinking about adding an ipad to my gigging setup. Let us know how it works out for you. I'm curious how others are using the ipad to extend their creative options. So many apps but which ones are good for playing in a live situation?


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      I use mine to display lyrics and play backing tracks, but I'm reluctant to do more with it. I've got a Floor Pod Plus for guitar, and an electric piano for piano and rhodes. I guess in theory I could try to run guitar processing on the iPad and use a keyboard connected to it for piano and rhodes, but I sort of like having everything separate, so that all my eggs aren't in one basket. I have my backing tracks and lyrics backed up to an iPhone AND an iPod Touch, though trying to read lyrics off either one would be comical and sad.

      I started a thread in another forum, asking people how good the guitar processing effects are in an iPad compared to the Line 6 hardware stuff. Haven't checked back yet. Any time I've tried to do any fx live on guitar with a computer I've been disappointed with the latency...
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        I've been gigging with the iPad as my virtual guitar rig for over a year now, and it sounds great, and can't beat the convenience.

        I was using an old iPod touch as my backup, but through my business, I have now ended up with an extra iPad, so now I have two in case one goes south. But that's highly unlikely since I'm always EXTREMELY careful with my gear. But at least I have two baskets full of identical eggs.

        I've owned L6 gear such as a Pod Pro, a VettaII, and I still own a Spider Valve 1x12. The SV1x12 is collecting dust, since I've tweaked and tuned my iPad/AmpKit rigs to sound VERY good, for a variety of music styles.

        No noticeable latency on the guitar amp sim, and that assessment comes from someone who gets fairly speedy and technical with the playing sometimes.
        Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. - Martin Mull


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          That sound great eightstring! Would you please elaborate on how you set up the whole thing? (some pics would be nice :-) ), I mean, how do you connect both your guitar and mic to the iPad at the same time, wich program do you use for playing your tracks, do you uses any app to read the lyrics along with the amplitube, etc


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            hi there...

            sounds really great. so youre taking everything into the venue in a couple of trips it would seem.. SAWEEETT!!

            but as for amplification all i see in that list is an acoustasonic junior??

            you run it all thru a PA then yes?? which isnt in the list... or am i mistaken??



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              Smaller venues, especially if I'm doing mostly jazz, then everything (vocals, Alesis IO Dock) goes through the Acoustasonic Junior. That thing is loud, clean, and has wide dispersion.

              Larger venues, or if I'm doing more rock material, then yes, I'll take a PA.

              @amx13 - I don't run the vocals through the iPad, just my guitar, and now keys. I have my backing tracks loaded up in the AmpKit+ application, so those are coming from the iPad as well. Finally, any lyrics I might need are on my iPad as PDF data, easily accessible while the other apps are running with a single multi-touch swipe.

              As for setup, it's basically just guitar into the Alesis IO Dock, MIDI keyboard into the Alesis IO Dock, and the outputs of the Dock either go into the first channel of the Fender amp, or into a PA. Pretty basic.
              Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. - Martin Mull


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                Can you tell me if you have Sampletank playing in the background or foreground.

                I've tried the free version but it doesn't play nice with other apps.