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Looking for a case, for a Soundcraft MFXi-8

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  • Looking for a case, for a Soundcraft MFXi-8

    Title says it all; are any of you guys using the Soundcraft MFi-8, and have you found a decent case for it?

    I've been using a padded shoulder-bag for my EFX-8; the Gator G-Mix B 15"x 15", and that works really well, because I can stuff the mixer into a small space when the car's full of speakers, lighting gear, and guitars. That's a little harder to do when you're using a bulkier hard-case. Most of the time, my MixWiz3 16;2 stays at home, because it's in a Road-Ready road-case, and I just don't have the room for it. The MFXi-8 is just a wee bit too big to fit into the 15" G-Mix bag. (1/2" shy).

    The next size up in the G-Mix B shoulder-bags, is 18" x18", and that's not ideal because the mixer can move around inside the case. Mind you, I could always put a block of foam in there, to take up the extra space.

    G-Mix L series has a 16" x 18" case. but it's quite deep (6.25")


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    have contacted Soundcraft to see if they can suggest something?

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      daddymack wrote:

      have contacted Soundcraft to see if they can suggest something?

      Not yet, I just bought the mixer last night. I thought it "might" fit the Gator G-Mix 1515, but no way. It was sooooo close though. I did manage to find a Gator G-Mix  B-1518 shoulder-bag this afternoon, and that would probably be fine. I could probably make a small compartment for storing/transporting some accessories,,, like the power-cord, and maybe a few mics and a D.I. (or two). Price is not bad either; around $44.99