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What are the lyrically longest songs you do without a cheat sheet.


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  • What are the lyrically longest songs you do without a cheat sheet.

    I am one of those stubborn old guys that refuses to use a cheat sheet (no judgement here). I challenge myself to learn songs with lots of lyrics to keep my memory in shape.


    Big Iron - Marty Robbins

    Gentle On My Mind - John Hartford

    You're Going to make Me Lonely When You Go - Bob Dylan

    Tennesee Plates & Buffalo River Home - John Hiatt

    Hotel California - Eagles

    I Am The Walrus - Beatles

    Man of Constant Sorrow

    City of New Orleans

    Etc., etc.


    You? Any ideas? :smileylol:

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    These days I mostly perform my own songs which have very short and repetitive lyrics to suit my ageing brain.


    But, if anyone asked me to (they won't) I could rip off Fairport Convention's "Maddy Groves." That's long enough to include a seduction (in church, no less), betrayal, a foot-of-the-bed duel, vitriolic defiance and two murders. 

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      I don't do much real Pop anymore so my choice is ancient.  Lyin' Eyes is the longest set of lyrics I do. And since I only play it once every year or two it can be a challenge


      • Howie22
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        I guess from my setlist it's probably The Weight.

        I also have a tough time with Eric Church's song Drink In My Hand. It's not a long song, but it has four verses, and every chorus is different as well.

      • Potts
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        Lyin eyes is a bit challenging. I need the lyrics to give me a push on that one.

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      Hook by Blues Traveller. But it's one of those where each line just kind of flows (or sprints) into the next.
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