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    I'm thinking of targeting the local gay bar for live work. Since I am A)straight and B) catering to a biker crowd this could pose potential imaging (marketing / perception ) problems . Or could it? Discuss. Share your experience Opinions are optional
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but I can share my thoughts from my straight perspective.

    I've played quite a few gay bars, fundraisers and events over the past few decades.  When I was young and "cute" the only thing that bothered me was getting hit on by guys. I had no problem with the lifestyle or vibe, I was just uncomfortable being talked up by men - guess I finally knew how straight women felt!  So that may or may not be a problem for you. And that might not even be customary in the places you are thinking about.  In any case, now that I'm old and definitely not cute, I don't have that problem and it's just another gig to me.

    I can also add that most of the gay bars in my region like canned music, or special entertainers.  If you've got a product that is different then you might get bookings, but I don't believe there's a lot of standard live music going on in my area.  YMMV.


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      Are you concerned about your comfort level, fit with the venue, or how it will reflect with your current bookings if they find out?

      Comfort level is up to you to decide, I woul dhave no problem as long as...

      My act would fit the venue, if I provide the musics they are looking for, then it's just another gig, wich leads me to...

      If a current booking of mine no longer wants me if they find out I was playing in a gay bar, well screw them! There are better venues out there!



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    Money is money!! I would totally play there. For some reason gay men love me. It has at times been odd being hit on and propositioned.. However, im comfortable with who I am. Im sure I'd make a mint playing at a gay bar. I wish there was one around here for that reason! Just don't let them buy you a drink that's been opened


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      Play the music.
      Entertain the folks.
      As always, do the best you can.
      Get paid.
      Get booked again.

      Wash, rinse, repeat.