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Anybody looking for a bass player?


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  • Anybody looking for a bass player?


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    Hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make hard times.

    President Trump is living in his own fantasy world, and he is at war with anyone who dares to intrude on his dream with reality.

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    If people paid him $5 per mile, the trucking industry would shut down. They'd all become bass players. Hah!


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      The title says dynamic, from what bassplayer states doesn't seem very dynamic?

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    Home by 11 pm due to legal hassles? No gigs within 500 yards of schools, parks, playgrounds? I see several legal problems. Sex offender, DUIs... If this is real he'll never get a gig in Nashville lol.



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      I once played a gig (emphasis on the "once") who only played the root notes of whatever chords the guitar player was playing. No walking bass, no scales, not even a I-V pattern. Just one note per beat. It was undoubtedly one of the longest gig nights I ever had.

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    Obviously posted in fun, but what would be really funny is if someone answered in earnest.

    I did once work with a bass player in a jazz trio who wouldn't play the root on the one, at least hardly ever. So the first note in a new bar/new chord would most often be on the fifth or third or whatever. I mean that's fine once in a while, but for every change, it got annoying. Maybe we should have paid him more for each song just he would play the roots. Oh wait, we came up with a better idea - just replaced him!