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Anybody looking for a bass player?

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  • Anybody looking for a bass player?


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    If people paid him $5 per mile, the trucking industry would shut down. They'd all become bass players. Hah!


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      The title says dynamic, from what bassplayer states doesn't seem very dynamic?

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    Home by 11 pm due to legal hassles? No gigs within 500 yards of schools, parks, playgrounds? I see several legal problems. Sex offender, DUIs... If this is real he'll never get a gig in Nashville lol.



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      I once played a gig (emphasis on the "once") who only played the root notes of whatever chords the guitar player was playing. No walking bass, no scales, not even a I-V pattern. Just one note per beat. It was undoubtedly one of the longest gig nights I ever had.

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    Obviously posted in fun, but what would be really funny is if someone answered in earnest.

    I did once work with a bass player in a jazz trio who wouldn't play the root on the one, at least hardly ever. So the first note in a new bar/new chord would most often be on the fifth or third or whatever. I mean that's fine once in a while, but for every change, it got annoying. Maybe we should have paid him more for each song just he would play the roots. Oh wait, we came up with a better idea - just replaced him!