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  • Facebook Promo Ideas

    I posted this on BSWTB but nobody responded so we'll see if we can get some ideas moving here. If not I give up  


    I'm putting myself "out there" by posting all these, but hopefully we can all gain something and get some ideas flowing. I use photoshop, but there are a number of free programs that are available that will accomplish the same tasks. The attachments are just simple and creative ways that I've found that generate likes and comments on Facebook. I don't have time to find out if they actually work or not.


    • I usually don't post any promo on Monday but I like to throw out a quick blurb about the past weekend's gigs and issue a heart-felt thanks to those that came out. I'll occassionally tag the venue and they seem to like that once in awhile. Not too often though because it can come across cheesy if it's more than a few times a year.
    • I'll normally keep the promo stuff at a minimum until Wednesday. Sometimes I'll post a monthly calendar, a recorded original or a video or something on Tuesday.
    • I'll hit it pretty hard on Thursday and Friday and post a few updates with an attached image throughout the day on Thursday.  
    • Friday- I'll normally add a video, poster or one of the othe things on the venue's Facebook page. And "share" Thursday's image (for consistancy) on my own page.
    • I've found that new pictures on these promo images usually get a lot of likes.


    New Facebook Banner I made today



    Half-assed Calendar for mid-week



    Another half-assed Calendar for mid-week

    St Pats.jpg


    Basic "Facebook" Poster

    St Pats.jpg


    Business Card Facebook Promo




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    All I can say is you're way beyond me when it comes to promo. I only visit Facebook once a month or so, and my page is next to useless.

    I did hear one comment from someone who said that if you are on Facebook just to promo, it could turn some people off.  This person (or article, can't remember) suggested that in additon to promo, you also visit Facebook to participate. Become more involved....  then when you post promo and updates people have a vested interest in checking you out.  I don't know if I agree with this, and I certainly don't have time to be posting jokes, and app suggestions but I thought I would pass it on.


    • Potts
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      I'm on Facebook all the time. I only have a personal page and normally accept any and all invites or requests.

    • daddymack
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      I agree that if you plan to use a social media outlet (including HC) for promotional purposes, you can't use it strictly as a spam device, you need to spend some time participating.

      Potts, do you change the calendar pic every time you post one?

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    I play mostly private gigs, so I don't spend much time doing FB promo.

    I try to hit it once or twice prior to a public appearance: sometimes when I first book a gig, then again just before. I rarely do 'Invite' -- does it work for you?  A couple times I bought a small number of closely targeted ads, but it didn't seem to gain me many 'likes,' so I quit doing it.  If I have a decent photo or if something out-of-the-ordinary happens, I'll do a follow-up.  When I have an upcoming, I'll usually befriend the venue or organization and post on their page about how I'm looking forward to being there on whatever date. Meanwhile, I interact, 'like,' and comment often, just to be in touch with friends and acquaintances.

    Re your photo, Darrell -- why don't you smile?

    Best wishes to all!