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  • Minimal Stage Pics

    What is the smallest area rug you could use for your entire setup? Please post some pics of you performing or what your makeshift "stage" looks like for the tighter places that you play.

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    Less setup area mostly involves putting the speakers closer together.timber ridge small stage.jpg

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    • steve mac
      steve mac commented
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      This is from last Sunday nights gig in a small resaurant/bar, and yes that is a place setting you can see on the right of the picture, had I swung my guitar I would have clattered that diner on the back of the head.

      As an aside the owner came out and sat less than 4 feet from me the whole night listening and singing along, never had that happen before.

      I just used my Roland AC60 and it filled the place fine. And I did tidy the cables before folk arrived.

      Cheers Steve

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