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  • Allman Brothers Midnight Rider

    Speaking of getting the correct chords going, who can tell me the correct chord progression for Midnight Rider? The main riff is a D with some hammer-ons but where does it go from there? I've tried some tabs but they don't sound right.

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    Gmin7  C  D


    During the lead - C to B flat a few times and back to D. Too high for me, I'd have bring it down to G or A.



    • mchalebk
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      I've been working up a version of this for my duo. I'm using elements of the Allman Brothers version along with the Gregg Allman solo version. One interesting thing: Gregg's version uses Gm7-Bb-D, instead of Gm7-C-D.

      I also don't think of this song as being in D, necessarily, since it has a lot of Dm tonality going on (especially in Gregg's version, where there are plenty of F naturals being played during the instrumental breaks). I've been playing it in drop D and mostly staying away from the high E string, which leaves the D without a 3rd (so it could be minor or major).