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Mary Jane's last dance vocals


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  • Mary Jane's last dance vocals

    I'm having a bit of trouble making the chorus vocals work for this tune. My duo has played it since we started 1.5 yrs ago, i play harp, guitar, vocals. Partner plays lead and has attempted to add some harmony to the chorus. It still isn't jiving. I think part of the reason is I feel the crescendo leading into the chorus and it just falls flat without having a full band to back it up.

    How are you guys approaching this song? I've changed to melody line to try and give it more oomph. Perhaps we need to work on our harmony more.

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    If you posted a sample we could check out, it might help us determine the issue...the 'crescendo' IIRC is in the middle of the chorus, right? 

    I always thought the harmonies and feel in the chorus was very CSN&Y-ish, and two part harmony isn't going to effectively cover that density...so if I were going to do it, I would use the vocalizer (mine has a 'CSN' stting) to fill it in. In your case, find the harmony that keeps you two in the same range (thirds) which will give it a fatter and warmer sound, but won't get that 'spread'.

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      I just browsed some youtube vids and it looks like I've been playing the wrong chord starting the chorus. Looks like it should be an Em, I've been entering the chorus with a D chord. No wonder it sounds like ****************!

      The original melody never did seem to want to fit in with that D chord..wow!