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Soloist with Backing Tracks for Wedding


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  • Soloist with Backing Tracks for Wedding

    Hi All,

    I have a quick question, and I hope this is the best place for it!

    I want to book a certain singer for my wedding, and asked him if its possible to get a 3-piece together to go with him (we were thinking acoustic guitar and Keyboard).

    He came back with only 2 options:
    - 2 piece with Acoustic guitar
    - Solo with Backing tracks

    I am waiting to hear back if he has any gigs or tracks I can listen to, however I thought I would ask what you would recommend for a wedding from the above? I am conscious that I want the wedding to be fun and get the party going, so Im not sure how an acoustic setup would work?

    Any advice or experience would be really appreciated, thanks.

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    Without being arrogant, I'm as experienced as you get with the solo/tracks thing. I won't do a full wedding unless it's a "small party" or very casual type of wedding. It's just not fair to anyone unless they are DEAD seat on not wanting a DJ or full band. I mentioned it in another thread but I'll do the cocktail hour and that's about it. 

    People love to dance their faces off at weddings-- I just don't think solo/duo are the right fit for "most" wedings.




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      This is backward to me because the singer doesn't have a band. This person must be a very good singer for you to want him to put a band together just for your wedding. No one will dance to an acoustic guitar. Singer with backing tracks is equal to karaoke.


      How many hours of music is needed? With my 400 songs I wouldn't do an entire wedding as a solo act.

      Does the singer know anything about weddings? If not you're wedding will have awkward moments and may be headed for trouble.

      How many guests are you having? If this is a small get together (less than 50 guests) and you just want a very loose reception, go ahead with this guy. 


      An established wedding band or wedding DJ is recommended. 



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        How 'big' is the wedding?

        Where did you find the singer, a karaoke bar?

        Seriously, find someone who is experienced in playing weddings;  a solo act will rarely be adequate if you expect dancing, requests, MC-ing, etc.

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          It's pretty cool to see three soloists agree that it's probably not a great fit.

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        Wow thanks for all the replies guys, it's a real help. Regarding the singer, he is a bit of a local sensation, and sort of floats between setups and duos / trios etc.

        I tend to agree with the solo / duo not being enough for the wedding. Given that the wedding will be about 110 people, we will need a bit more kick. My partner definitely does not want a full band setup, in our experience it was a bit too loud for our taste.

        I have another option of a 3 piece with acoustic guitar and keyboard, which I have heard at another wedding and they were great.

        I have also got another option of 3 piece with acoustic guitar and drums, which is a bit more kick again.

        Any other opinions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated


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          It really depends. Back when I was doing the Pop/Rock thing in pubs, I did a few weddings as a solo. They turned out just fine, but I should say why.  At that time I was doing a fair bit of party rooms where people wanted to dance, and were drunk and were quite demanding. So I was used to the pace of a rowdy crowd.  I had all the Brown Eyed Girl, Mustang Sally, Give Me One Reason, Shout, I Feel Good, Some Kind Of Wonderful, and even Lady In Red types of tunes on hand. I also understood and appreciated how drunk, impatient and obnoxious people could get.

          The second reason the gigs turned out okay is that the crowd was a manageable size AND the right age - i.e., no rap, dance music or heavy metal was required. If you're talking a couple of hundred people that want to hear every style, it could get strange IMHO. 

          If and that's if, the singer has good backing tracks and can knock off the tunes in quick order, and has a good PA (I always used a sub) then it can work. Actually if he really knows his stuff, he can play the kiddy tunes on the breaks.  And if you think the crowd would enjoy a single, and they aren't too worried about the traditional party until you vomit vibe, then that's a factor as well.

          In some ways I can see why that singer might prefer a controlled product (his solo act) over a group of folks he has to rehearse.

          In any case, good luck and have a good one!