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Sharing OnSong across Devices

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  • Sharing OnSong across Devices

    So here's my dealio,

    I've got and iMac for the project studio (my main music hub) and and iPhone 5, but no iPad or iPod Touch at the moment. [Will have an iPad/mini before the baby gets here in July (Grandparents gotta FaceTime)]


    I need (read: want) to start using OnSong as my song charting, songwriting, lyric displaying, and databasing resource..... so do I download the app to the iMac (I definitely don't wanna have to write/re-work/modify charts w/o a mouse) and then share across devices later,


    or what? Is this hard to do? Do I have to buy the app 1x, or x # of times? Thoughts? Advice? Warnings? 


    I know OnSong has been discussed here ad nauseum but any input would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    So, I answered part of my own question. It won't work with the iMac period. Which I think is so dumb.

    I just assumed it would work across platforms.

    So I quess I'll hold off using OnSong until I get an iPad, cause I'm not gonna sit here and chart songs on my iPhone. Too small.


    • Potts
      Potts commented
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      I don't know where you're at with your collection of tunes, but it may not hurt prepping now. You can just save them as plain text files and import them later. You can also message me and I'll set up a dropbox folder for you and hook you up with a bunch of stuff.    

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    Well, it's iPad, IPhone, and iPod

    But I'd much rather use an iMac or MacBook to work out songs and just use the iPad, etc for performance.

    I guess the Rolling Stones said it best though.....

    "You can't always get what you want"