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Not as ready as I had hoped.... but doing some gigs


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  • Not as ready as I had hoped.... but doing some gigs

    Last night my band had it's last rehearshal before our last gig, which is tomorrow. The Keyboardist/Vocalist and I have started a duo and have worked on some songs and I was hoping that we could get out and play in about 30 days.

    He had been contacted by a restaurant where our band had played in the past about booking the duo. She gave us 2 dates to see if we could do 1 of them. June 7 and June 21. I figured that the 21st would be perfect and give is enough time to get or stuff together - however I am on vacation with my family. Initially I was not thrilled about playing a gig without be as prepared as I wnated to be. Then I thought about it. We can do many songs that our band plays in addtion to our duo songs to have enough to get through a night. His 21 year old son may also sit in with us for a few songs on lead guitar, which would be cool. So I am jumping in and said let's do it.

    The best part is that a friend of mine approached me today about playing for a candidate fundraiser on June 6th. Last year I did one for him solo. I am just waiting to hear about confirmation and final details. So I went from last band gig on May 25th with nothing booked on the horizon to one (possibly two) gig(s) drung the 1st week of June with my new duo. I'm pretty happy about it. " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />

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    Good kick-off!


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      jump in feet first...the only way to go.

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    The booze vendor charged full rate..why is the band expected to do it free


    • moogerfooger
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      Kevin T wrote:
      The booze vendor charged full rate..why is the band expected to do it free

      yea -- thats kinda a pet peeve with me.  like the club owner that books you through an agent and then wants you come back in direct for what you cleared through the agent. why should the club get the discount when its the act that pays the commission? I tell them its the same price either way. if you want me back call my agent. 

      so you've been working for an agency for years and they have gotten you hundreds of gigs for thousands and thousands of dollars and you're going to stiff them for a few  bucks from a club you've played once? I dont thinks so. 


      OP -- youre never really ready mentally no matter how much practicing you've done -- just get out there -- it will be fine.  after the first couple songs it all down hill from there