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This is a perfect Example of EU Attitude..


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  • This is a perfect Example of EU Attitude..

    I play 5, 45 min sets 32 days straight, no days off as per contract bit at ther whim they can ask me to play more and I have to..Now they pay me but its a serious law of diminishing returns...As it is I have to really watch my intensity, which for me is very difficult. However today, they are making me play outside on the deck 11am-2:45pm in addition to my normal 5 sets in the evening!!!! I was like are you kidding me?? 'You realize that's too much stress on the human voice right?' They don't care so ill sing very light, loop and play instrumentals!! **** em.....

    That's a perfect example of the **** I've always waded through on these ships...Several Americans have just walked off but I'll do the extra work but ONLY at about idle speed..Socialist attitudes prevail over here I wonder how many more times ill be forced to play 8 sets in a day solo?

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    It's kinda like Groundhog Day on the ships as well)


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      That's alotta singing, regardless of the country you're in.

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    Boy that sounds like the old days. Back when I was a kid we would play the strip clubs Monday to Friday from 90 pm to 20 am with very strict 45 minute sets. Then on Saturday we would play a matinee and then take a long break and go from 7:30 pm to 10 am or so. But that was with a band and we got Sundays off. We would do six week stints like that and it was great for our playing chops but I wouldn't or couldn't do that now.

    You know back in the seedy nightclub days I used to see guys pimping girls. These girls would start out pretty but after 3 or 4 years they would look terrible. Then the guys would just get a new stable.  Not that I'm comparing the ships to those guys but....

    Anyway, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm trusting you'll come out on top.


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      Ah man! That is very unreasonable on their part. Make the best of it and keep conserving. I guess they dont understand the vocal fatigue thing, working 12 hours as a singer MUST be the same as working 12 hours as a server right?!

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    Word everyone..been looping more and more and when they ask me to do extra sets like today, I do some instrumentals as well


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      So how is your voice holding up, Sean?
      Free prog-related metal from Michigan.



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        I'm noticing at least half the musicians on cruise lines are from elsewhere (other than US/UK). Maybe it's a better deal in their eyes compared to the country they are from.