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  • voice vs. performance


    my friends have often criticized that I put too much emphasis on the voice over the performance of a piece. Does anyone else find that they end up focusing on one more than the other? I finally gave in, and decided to perform the hell out of my last performance, but I worry that it looks a little silly and that some of my notes sound a little forced. What are your thoughts of this phenomenon?


    Also, as point of reference to the uber performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_D2gtXdfJQ

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    there is no secret...both are equally important...it is called showmanship, and entertainment. Standing stock still singing in a perfect voice is not very entertaining. Dancing around singing off key isn't either.

    Practice it ALL. Master it ALL. Performance is not about perfection, it is about getting the crowd to love you.  They can be extremely forgiving if you give them what they really want...and they can be unbelievably cruel if you don't.

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      would agree with daddymack.. that there are no rules.

      ive seen some people win the crowd over performing completely standing still with no movement.  and ive seen others who insist that moving around and "working the crowd" is essential.


      i think one thing that the crowd does demand is that you look fully comfortable with whatever style that is,  and that you are "lost" in your performance, no matter what style it is.. by "lost" i mean.. youre consumed by it and youre not thinking about the crowd or what they think,...  by the way  im saying this,  that doesnt mean i have it totally nailed - i just know that it is the way to do it..


      as for the vocal.  to be honest. yes you can sing. and there is a tone there.. but your singing needs to be more controlled.. your voice gets away from you now and again..  only thing i can think of is record yourself alot and listen back. then try to change the bits you dont like and re-record.. then try to notice what your doing that made them sound better..  for example.. for that note if i shift the emphasis to the back of my mouth, or front of my mouth i can get a better sound, etc....im not a singing coach so u can take that with a pinch of salt.  it got some results for me though

      all IMO.. but well done best of luck anyways..



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    Very good voice! Relax and be you. But be a more confident you. That's the best advice I can give about showmanship. As for the singing, I thought it was outstanding at first and then slid a bit as you started to belt it out more. I think the mellower style suits you better right now. But as they say... practice!
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