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  • Curious to know...

    How many of you practice with your PA system? I tend to learn a song before I play it through my system, then I practice in my garage basically gig volume or a hair under gig vol.

    Anyone just use their system at gigs only?

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    I only use my system and digital piano to gig. Otherwise, I play on my upright piano and sing sans mic. I get a very good sound from my DP, but it's still not a real piano.

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    • steve mac
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      I practice through my amp so I can work out what effects to use ie harmonies etc but have headphones on to spare the wife.
      Cheers Steve

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    Only if I'm getting familiar with a new piece of gear - solo rehearsels tend to be on my front porch, in the shade.

    I have a small pair of speakers attached to the wall, just beneath the ceiling in the rehearsel studio and just hook up my mixer and mics - but only for trio rehearsels.

    Basically, I make it as easy on myself as possible, thus am looking for another powered mixer strictly for rehearsels.


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      If i had a garage i'd probably set up the full rig occasionally, but I barely have room in the house to keep a couple keyboards set up with a pair of BX5a monitors, with the stage gear piled up against the wall. Heck, more often than not i'll just practice with headphones (unless i'm practicing vocally too, 'cause nothing sounds worse than hearing someone wearing headphones trying to sing when you can't hear the rest of the music).


      • daddymack
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        I set up the Fishstick every few weeks to run through all the new material, the vocals, harmonies, and now the looper...mixed in-board though headphones does not reveal the same outcomes as running it all open-air.