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    i used to do several tunes with harmonica and guitar so i dusted off a few old harps and found my old rack which had definitely seen better days. the springs were shot and it looked pretty funky so i picked up a new hohner celeste echo harp,( i've never been comfortable with the marine band harps) and a new hohner rack...  not the flex rack but a fairly heavy duty flat steel job that will accomodate my taste in harmoicas... or so i thought... it might be ok if i had a really really skinny neck or if my lips were about 2 inches lower... no way to adjust the angle of the harp, which being a cheaper hohner is a strange wedge shape that wont really anchor in the rack...  i hate to drop $60 on an item that i might use on half a dozen tunes when the urge strikes...  anyone have any ideas?

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    Sorry.. a little off-topic but I wish I could add a harmonica to my set. I've always wanted to. People think its so cool to bust one out a few times a night. I've tried to learn in the past but I never knew what harp to purchase for the key to the songs I wanted to do. Any pointers?


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      do you tune to standard?