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This is turning into the karaoke forum...

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  • This is turning into the karaoke forum...


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    LOL.. No it isn't. Maybe you're just kidding though. Tracks are just the latest hot topic.


    • Potts
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      If people could just READ a little bit maybe we could have had one track discussion instead of 300. But nope- everyone wants everything immediatly without effort.

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    As a consumer it's nice to know what you are getting for the money, but the problem with live music is that you don't alsways get live music. There is a span between live and karaoke and even pure playback and miming.

    In theory you can do the latter pretending to be pure live: people in general aren't capable to tell one from the another. So it would be nice to maybe have some form of labeling, such as solo acoustic, one man band, band w/tracks etc...

    Some places I play, people don't care, others they come up and tell about how great it is to hear someone playing everything themselves. While others I am accused of playback, especially on AC/DC tunes which I seem to do well. It's almost sad that they don't believe me when I tell them that I have practiced a heck to do what I do. As if they can't figure out why someone put in the hours when there is a much easier way.


    • Bob Dey
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      I remember a guy back in the '80s (long before karaoke) using a vocal eliminator so he could sing along with original recordings on cassette. He did it during happy hour and walked through the small venue with a cordless mic. I thought it was cheating and cheezy but he had an audience and a paying gig.

      I've got 4 Jimi Hendrix songs with just bass and drums for BT and they're some of my favorite songs to play. These tracks and others I create have dynamics which is probably rare in karaoke tracks.