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School me on using an ipad for lyrics

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  • School me on using an ipad for lyrics

    I have been using binders for a few years and since my song list is expanding I need a better way to organize my lyrics. I see other solo acoustic performers using ipads. 

    I have been researching ipads and it seems that the ipad 4 is the one to get, but I hear that the ipad 5 is coming out anytime now. I may use the ipad for other things like video streaming and surfing the internet, but mostly for lyrics. 

    I have the onsong app on my iphone and I have experimented a little with it and drop box.

    Which ipad should I get? Which app is the most reliable? How do I get a ton of lyrics imported in the app? I am sold on the ipad over other tablets since I have a mac computer and I used an iphone. I like apple products and prefer to keep my line of computer devices consistent. 


    - Drew

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    LOL.. I use a first generation iPad with an airturn pedal. Please do me a favor and read these before asking any questions though. 

    Start Here- These are past discussions...

    How Do You Use Your iPad?

    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    iPad Holders

    Benefits of Songbook

    Benefits of Onsong



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      I didn't really see any answers to my questions on the links you provided.

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    I use an iPad only for lyrics.  That said, I much prefer OnSong to Songbook.  It is much easier to make visual changes in OnSong and OnSong now has a MIDI function that allows me to call up a Lyric as a MIDI program change so the lyrics automatically follow my sequencer.


    As far as getting songs into either program.  I edit them first and drop them into Dropbox.  From there they automatically download to the iPad.

    Don Boomer


    • stratmansblues
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      What version ipad do you use?

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    I thank you for posting those links. I actually searched ipad site:harmonycentral.com on google before I posted my question.
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