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Ear fatigue?

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  • Ear fatigue?

    Do you experience this while performing?

    When I sing maybe 15 to 20 tunes it seems as though my vocals start to sound muddy in my mix. I always start out very clear sounding and the vocals are set to kinda "pop" out in the mix, but after time it sounds kinda meh.. I never play crazy loud, it just acoustic stuff. So maybe I'm just crazy. Or is this common among singers?

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    Happens ALL the time to me... Every gig
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      Record the whole night and listen to it later on to see if it's something besides your ears. Ear fatigue is when you don't notice the volume anymore because your ears got used to it. Sounds like maybe speaker fatigue. What PA are you using?


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        I don't know Bob... As far as I know fatigue can plague certain frequencies as well.
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          I use a mackie 808s and qsc k12s.


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            Stage monitors? Maybe they are too loud and your ears are getting tired.

            The only time anything remotely similar to that is when the number of people in the audience changes and there are a lot more people in the venue but I usually play sans stage monitors.

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            • Bob Dey
              Bob Dey commented
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              Sounds like you've got quality equipment but there could be a ghost in the machine. Could it have something to do with your mic? Since only your voice is becoming distorted it seems the cause would be somewhere in the mic/mixer/speaker chain. Could be improper gain stucture... maybe.

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            I keep everything, gain and volume as close to unity or right on it. I'm using an sm 58 and go through a tc helicon voice create which has a tone boost. It gives a lot of clarity to the vocal and I keep my vocal channel EQed flat. Like I said, when I start playing at any time the vocals pop nice, awesome clarity and balance. But after awhile it sounds like I lose my highs. I lose that crisp sound, and to me it seems buried. So I think it might be my ears? Just because of the fact that when I play the next time with everything set the same, it sounds great. Idk, man. It's just weird.


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              I will add that my guitar seem to be fine. At least it sounds pretty much the same through out sets.


              • Shart
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                I had the same pedal a few years ago, the TC voicetone create. It sounded good when it worked but it would simply stop working in the middle of a jam session. I bought it new. I'd have to unplug and plug it back into to make it work again. This happened too frequently for it to ever be used live. I let a friend borrow it and he had the same issues. The problem might be your pedal.