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  • Homeroom Music

    Something tells me Pogo may have a solid suggestion or two. Any ideas?


    This was the message on Facebook:


    I want to play music for my kids during homeroom (about 15-20 minutes by the time they start coming in before announcements) and maybe at the end of the day during their study hall. I just listened to some jazz and classical and it wasn't working for me - not that it wouldn't for them! Any other creative suggestions??
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    What age group?

    band websites:


    • Potts
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      12 years old...

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    I don't understand why you don't just play what you usually play.

    Hi Mom!


    • daddymack
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      Potts, this is not about a live show, but pre-recorded music, right?

      you could try the novelty tune route...Hutset Ralston on the Rilla-Ra, Mairzy Doats, Swing on a Star, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Frim Fram Sauce, Hit That Jive, Jack, Straighten Up and Fly Right, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny, Flying Purple People Eater,...Spike Jones and His City Slickers material, too, even without the visuals on a lot of them...[many of these I cover already   ]

      or go with spritely classical music...some Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Mozart...



    • Potts
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      pogo97 wrote:

      I don't understand why you don't just play what you usually play.


      I don't understand why you don't read the OP. Drinking?

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    There are so many different kinds of Jazz and it's not known what type this person was listening too. But I think it would be great if kids were exposed to more Jazz. It could be presented as the history of Jazz starting at the beginning of the 20th century?

    Of course some Jazz is just way too crazy for homeroom i.e. C. Parker, J. Coltrane, so for starters I would suggest Miles Davis, Kind of Blue album, one of the best selling Jazz albums in history.

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      I'd go with Hendrix one day, Weezer the next, Public Enemy the next. Open a dialogue. Then bring in some Frank Sinatra, Muddy Waters, then Sex Pistols. the Clash, the Cure, Bad Religion, and then Luis Armstrong. Coltrane. Cole Porter... demonstrate some of the homoerotic references pulled into mainstream culture often unknowingly by some, and then wake 'em up with some Elvis Costello, Gustav Mahler, and Lenny Kravitz.


      Seems like I'm everywhere, but without knowing the purpose and the target age, but wanting them to understand the boundless culture of music I'd go everywhere from slave-era American folk, to Punk, to Goth, and back to African Tribal, and then walk the history of Jazz.


      It's amazing stuff, yo.




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        We had a music like that in English class in middle school. Our teacher would play blues, jazz, bluegrass, protest music, religious music and cover a unit at a time. Being English it was more of an emphasis on lyrical themes, and very brief history for context. That was pretty cool when I think about it.
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        • SusieP
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          what is "Homeroom?"



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        I just heard an interview with Robbie Robertson. He's just written a book with an accompanying CD about the most influential Rock... artists. Looks interesting, although it's not a lot of material. It could maybe double for Music or Art, or whatever.