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Recommend a decent, affordable, basic, no-frills drum machine?


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  • Recommend a decent, affordable, basic, no-frills drum machine?

    Something like a Roland DR-880 but not as pricey? I'm asking on behalf of a friend who just needs some rhythm for home-recording demos, thanks for any advice!

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    Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't his recording software have drum software?

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      He uses and likes Reaper, yes it seems that he could use something from that for rhythm. Will ask him why not when I see him later today. I am bringing my Boss BR-1200 recorder so it's drums should do the trick for his country songs. You may have gathered by now that we don't know much about fruity loops or music software in general. 

    • daddymack
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      Pogo, not everyone records digitally (I'm an analog kind of guy myself...)

      okay, just to get a grip on this, PW...

      IIRC, the Dr. Rhythm DR-880 is not really MIDI interfaceable, (you can record the parts through a MIDI port, yes, but you can't sequence, upload etc.)...so he is looking to record percussion tracks how? The DR-3 is about half the price of the 880, btw....

      I have not tried one of the new Alesis machines (SR-18?)...but I've tinkered with it's predecessor, the SR-16. Features comparable to the Dr. R, but minus some of the bells and whistles, at about 1/2 the $...

      The Zoom machine I have not tried either...but it looks interesting...all three are under $250...