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  • Beyond My Wildest Themes

    The current post about audience interaction and varying degrees of cheese and the fact that I am starting to get my act ready for next year. I was thinking of adding maybe.a TV theme tune or two to encourage a little sing a long or just a smile. I did try the Flintstones but I simply can get it to translate well onto the guitar. Anyone doing any that go down well?
    Cheers Steve
    Cheers Steve
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    I do "Welcome Back" and "The Jeffersons"


    • Notes_Norton
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      In a jazz band we did an almost bop version of "The Flintstones" (a similar song to I Got Rhythm) but nobody sang along.

      We did "Gilligan's Island" for a shipwreck party at a yacht club once. We did it reggae style, and the people didn't sing along, but then the yacht club people never sing along. The dance a lot though and that's good enough for me.

      Seriously, a TV theme or two might work depending on your audience. There's only one way to find out.

      Pick one that should be universally known to the age group you are playing for and let us know how it works.

      Insights and incites by Notes

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    I used to do a few TV themes instrumentally way back, but they were obscure and didn't click with the audience - Theme from Mannix, Odd Couple, and the Carol Burnett Theme (night ender). However I've known bands that do Gilligan's Island and that usually goes over great. I also occasionally do the theme from Mash, and will get comments about that one - usually from the management, who really like the song. There is also a raunchy version of the Flinstones that this jammer did when he sat in with a band I was in. That went over like a lead balloon. Moral of the story might be; don't mess with the Flinstones!

    The young ones might like to revisit the theme from the OC. Possibly a medley with Wonderwall...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkzUDT9r8g4


    • Bob Dey
      Bob Dey commented
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      I used to do a Beverly hillbillies/Green Acres medley. Also giligans Island, and I played the theme for the Lone Ranger. Here's what it sounded like back in the '80s when I played in a band.


      Brady Bunch also is good for sing-along.


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    We used to do Stairway to Gilligan's Island, years ago. It didn't get anyone up dancing, but always got a reaction. Sometimes that reaction was anger! Don't mess around with Zepplin fans!


    We also did Dread Zepplin's Heartbreaker which generall got the same reaction as the other one, both good and bad!

    One more time kids; equalizers are not cross overs, vocal mics are not cymbal mics and pan knobs are not three position switches. As you were.


    • pogo97
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    The Cartwright boys had girlfriends, but they always died before the end of the episode. I think word probably got around town pretty quick...
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      Thank You For Being a Friend is quite popular with folks, though I've never thought about playing it. I'm weird and have a weird retention of themes and jingles, so I don't ever really know what ones would work with most audiences and which ones are in my brain only.
      Free prog-related metal from Michigan.



      • Piano Whore
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        SLScott86 wrote:
        Thank You For Being a Friend is quite popular with folks, though I've never thought about playing it. I'm weird and have a weird retention of themes and jingles, so I don't ever really know what ones would work with most audiences and which ones are in my brain only.

        My brain is more likely to retain the "suck" ones, unfortunately. When musicians list their influences they only list the good influences and leave out the cringeworthy. Really crappy, vapid TV themes and "incidental" soundtrack music is a huge influence on me and is why I involuntarily compose original snippets of music like that in my head on a regular basis. But I do appreciate that shows like Good Times, the Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, even the Fat Albert cartoons, exposed me to black gospel and soul music, things that my hillbilly Daddy would never play at home.

        It's undeniable that musicians that are familiar with current pop culture have an advantage in entertaining modern day audiences, that is unless their audiences consist of weirdos like Notes Norton and myself.

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      As a diehard wrestling fan, I'm totally used to my intelligence being insulted. But Total Divas, the E!  reality show about the women's wrestlers, is one step too far. Keep in mind, they cross promote like crazy. So a lot of wrestling fans tune in. They will talk about things that are going to occur on Monday Night Raw, which people who watch Raw know never happened, and then show it happen really obviously in the online only WWE Superstars ring. Just incredibly blatant things that are obviously false to anyone who watches both, as the cross promotion encourages.

      Free prog-related metal from Michigan.



      • steve mac
        steve mac commented
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        Cartoons such as the Simpsons and Famlu Guy (big fan of both) seem to be the most honest way that life in America is depicted on TV. Certainly not "reality" shows.
        I love talent shows but now they are all about the judges and not the talent so it's all very diluted. Whilst the outcomes are engineered, giving the impression that the public has much of a say in the winner.
        Cheers Steve