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    Just picked up a new Mackie ProDx8 digital mixer for my solo, duo and maybe trio work. Lots of great features, a few missing features, but the main pros are the price, iPhone or Android capability and Bluetooth.

    Used to be I would roll into a club and be faced with a "pre-war" Bose system that just couldn't be tamed until the end of the first set. Now I've got GEQ on the mains and auxes, as well as the usual treble, sweep mid and bass, and an adjustable low end filter. Reverb, delay and a combination of both are available. The effects aren't great but close enough for "You've Got a Friend" and "Drift Away". The compressor is also somewhat useful, and the faders and other controls are large and easy to see. I'm using a Galaxy Tab E.

    So far Bluetooth has been stable and I stream both the mixer and my MP3's from the tablet. Nice to be wireless in that regard. The ProDx4 is even cheaper, and really that's all I need but in the event of a larger gig I'll stick with the ProDX8. Or maybe pick up a ProDX4 as well.

    The only thing I'm worried about is the wall wart situation. Just don't like them, and the possibly flimsy female jack on the unit is also a concern. Only three user presets as well but they have come in very useful. Last Saturday, after my afternoon gig I went out for dinner. Got a call at 10pm to cover for a guy that hadn't made his 9pm start. Dashed out of the restaurant, went down and set-up, hit recall, and was able to get the sound up in running in a minute instead of struggling for a set - which is all I played (hour and a half).

    Now on the other end of the spectrum I just did two dates at a restaurant that is using a Behringer x32 rack digital mixer. They purchased this mixer for solos and duos, and of course nobody can figure it out. Wonderful mixer, but I hope nobody here has to contend with one, unless you have vast sound knowledge, and really good eyesight. I spent an hour or two at home with the downloaded app just to feel comfortable with the mixer. Having said that, the nineteen year old hostesses seemed to have no problems navigating the system... sigh...