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    Anyone here heard of a Bachmann WS2 Keyboard Workstation?
    Wife's grandmother has one she wants to give us and I am looking for any information I can find about it. Manuals, prices and such.

    Thanks for any help,


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    Here is a link to one.

    It is a midi workstation so I don't know if they make a keyboard version.


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      I actually own a WS3 which is a 76 key workstation version. If I remember correctly, there is a WS1, a WS2, a WS2 tabletop, and the WS3. The WS1 and WS2 have built in speakers and are 61 key versions, the WS3 is a 76 key version with no speakers. The WS1 does not have a disk drive.

      These are early 1990s workstations. The coolest feature is that is has autio-accompianment capabilities where you choose a style of music, and play 3 note chords in your left hand, then you have intro, fills, and endings options. Many of the patches were decent. It has more instrument samples than it does synth samples. In terms of price, the one listed by the guy above is probably overpriced. Even though I paid $2,000 brand new back in 1992, I can't even get $300 for it today (I have a JV-2080 and an AKAI S5000 so don't use it). Unfortunately, the "blue books" don't have them listed. They were made by General Music.

      Incidentally, it's up for sale!


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        Thanks so much for the help Midiguy. This sound exactly like it. It is on a stand, it has speakers, and the one price I found last night for this thing was a retail price of about $2400. Hate to hear that it will go for under $300 but maybe I can get it for the kids.

        Thanks again for the reply,