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  • Looking for a brainless keyboard brain

    We have talked one of our guitar players into learning some keyboard parts for our variety band. He has a Roland digital piano and a synth of some type. After a considerable amount of effort, including taking some lessons, he has done a pretty good job of learning and covering several top 40 tunes where there were critical keyboard parts. He has pulled off some pretty convincing piano riffs and he does a nice job on our ballads.

    A problem has developed however. We just replaced two singers and they have requested to change the keys of a number of the songs that we have done forever. It is no real chore for the lead and bass guitars. But, it means that our struggling guitarist/keyboardist(?) will have to relearn his parts in some awkward keys at a considerable expense in time and effort. For now, he adjusts (transposes) the Roland in half steps so that he can play in the key in which he learned the part, but produce the sounds in the key in which the band plays the tune.

    Is there a keyboard (or a keyboard brain) available in which all of the parameters and instrument sound tweaks (including transposing) can be programmed and called up in a simple list during performance?

    The goal is to reduce the amount of tweaking and adjustments that must be done during performance. A secondary goal, and I know I am preaching to the choir here, is to perform in keys that are easier to play in. This would be particularly useful for those that do not consider keyboards their main instrument or for switching instruments during performance.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestings.

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    Depending on the synth he's using, it ought to be possible to copy the voices he uses into the user area of memory and then change the transpositions for each sound and save them with the patch. That way he could just go down the list of user voices and have everything set up right. I guess it depends on which model he owns.

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