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Akai S5000 IDE/SCSI question


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  • Akai S5000 IDE/SCSI question

    I have an Akai S5000. I'm using the internal SCSI interface for a hard drive. I've seen the SCSI to IDE converter for sale here and there. I understand the purpose for that card, but I noticed on my S5000 another multi pin port on the main board that says 'IDE'. Can you hook an IDE drive to this? Is this only on later models? If it's on all the models, why would one have ever need to buy the SCSI to IDE card?

    I don't know what else it would be for, being that it says 'IDE' right by it. I wonder if you can hook up a SCSI drive and an IDE drive simulataneously. I don't need another drive, but I was just curious if anyone has used that port.

    Also, have you seen that USB card for this currently selling on ebay for $255!!! I'm glad I bought that card as soon as I knew about it ($120 new). Now I wish I bought a few of them!

    I'm really just bored and wanted to jive about my favorite sampler. But, I was curious about that IDE port.

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    Hi there!

    I have the same IDE port in my S6000. Sadly, it does not work
    Why on earth Akai would have an IDE connector on the motherboard and not connect it is beyond me! Maybe they had to rush the release, couldnt write an OS that supported it etc etc.
    I dont think its even physically wired to anything at all
    The Scsi to Ide converter is the only way to go if you want to use large Ide drives.
    (A friend of mine has a 80GB drive in his, I have a 40 GB in mine)

    Regards, mm

    Oh, btw, check this forum out for akai S-series stuff:
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      I see. Good to know.

      I just use a SCSI drive. They are really affordable these days on ebay. I have an 9 gig and that's plenty for me. But I mainly just use mine in the studio and use the USB transfer from my computer to get samples in to it. The hard drive just has the samples I need for when I'm away from the computer

      Has anyone replaced there floppy drive with a zip or jaz drive with any success? I tried this once and couldn't get it to work. I think the jaz drive (bought used) I tried was not working. But, you can do this, right?