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Questions re: Fast Forward Designs MIDI Step foot pedals


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  • Questions re: Fast Forward Designs MIDI Step foot pedals

    So one of my bandmates got a hold of an old MIDI foot pedal unit (organ/taurus style keys). I don't have a picture, but this thing seems like it could hold a lot of possibilities, both for controlling things like rack-mount loop samplers and playing basslines off other synths.
    We can, however, not find any useful technical information about this unit, not even knowing what the appropriate milliamperage for the power supply is.
    Can anyone help us out? Are there manuals online somewhere? Seems dead simple from the labels on the unit itself, but anything helps.
    One of the only facts we found out about the thing is that Fast Forward Designs was the first company of the guys that eventually founded Line6.

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    Maybe email this guy for some info.

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