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New track! Have a go!


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    sounds good man....sounds good.


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      There are some great parts in here...

      this is just my opinion, and is completely subjective... and matter of taste.

      Perhaps the samples play too repetitively in some parts, or maybe there are too much rave chords...

      Maybe they are fine, but if there were some alterations to your dynamic processing on the vocals they would clash less ??? (the vocals parts seemd very forward on my less-than-studio worthy Logitech computer speakers here at work) But the other parts sounded fine...

      All in all, I enjoyed the track all the way through, and even though it had me squirm a couple times it felt good.

      Nice to put a sound to a familiar poster here on KSS.

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        Another beautiful track from Finland with love. I love the D & B. "I got wheels, man!" Cracks me up.

        Towards the very end, just before the musical reprise, there is a great rhythm built on "Git yo--git yo" which is held for a few seconds and then discarded. Too bad, that could have been a great B section.
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          Interesting song concept. I like it.


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            Must've been lots of fun to make this.
            Cool track.
            Possible improvements:
            -rhodes sounds rather thin to my taste
            -bass & rhodes repeating similar motifs, I think there should be more interaction between the two
            -outtro slightly to long

            The Boss VT1 sounds like a cool toy
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              I'm goun' bump the maavaka well...just 'cos I can!
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