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    I've always heard that the yamaha an1x is a great VA synth, but what about cs1x and cs6x, are they VA synths too? Are they better than an1x? Are they sucessors of an1x?


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    the cs1x, CS6x is an ancestor of the motif. they arent VAs, although you can get the PLGAN card for it, and it'd be like having a smaller AN1x inside..
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      The CS_x series are more or less ROMplers, hence the different model series name. They have nothing to do with VA.

      It's a shame they never pushed the AN series beyond the AN1x (the AN200 was more or less a scaled down tabletop version). A crying shame since Yamaha actually used their ownership of Sequential Circuts' assets and based the VA architecture of the AN1x on the Prophet 5. The only thing I don't like about the AN1x is the parameter stepping and the delicate-as-an-eggshell casing of the synth. I mean the keyboard is so weakly constructed, I chipped a key once - while it was being transported in a keyboard case!
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        Originally posted by andre_tavares
        I've always heard that the yamaha an1x is a great VA synth, but what about cs1x and cs6x, are they VA synths too? Are they better than an1x? Are they sucessors of an1x?

        the CS1x and CS2x are straight ROMplers. The CS6x (and R) also, but they do have the option to plug in a AN board to give you the best of both worlds. well, not that the AN is the best of the VA world, but some guys here like it and are happy with it, that said: I`m not one of them.

        but the CS1x was my first synth.
        the CS1x and 2x are more toy-ish, tho. they have a GM... oh no, forgive me a XG soundset fercryingoutloud!
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          Nice synths. Had a cs2x for awhile. Was fave rompler in many ways. Soundset well suited to electronica and pure synth sounds. Nice amount of easy access top of hood controllers for a rompler. Mine was decent enough build.
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            even tho it sounded like crap, i still think the CS1x arpeggiator was awesome.
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              The CS2x is basically a CS1x with double the polyphony, and a bigger sound bank. It addresses most of the shortcomings of the CS1x and isn't that much more on the used market. Still, for the money, they're pretty decent.

              The CS1x/2x/AN1x are actually more durable than they look - they're solidly built with a metal base and heavy plastics on the top. Although the LC keybed is often criticized on this forum, its still better than a lot of low end midi controllers these days. Although low-end for its time, they were still quality "Made in Japan" products.

              Its funny how our expectations have gotten as low as they have over the the course of the last 5 years... (or however long I've been reading this forum) Sure - we've gotten cheaper products and that's great and all, but it just seems to me that disposable hardware is the way of the future. Yuck.


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                CS6X is the one to go for IMHO.
                Killer sound.
                Great filters.
                Will take both an AN & DX board.
                Has a true advanced AWM2 engine with full editability.
                Craps all over the 1X & 2X I might add.
                Excellent drum kits.
                Phrase sampler.
                Audio in effects routing and processing.
                Yada Yada Yada.
                Seriously tasty board IMHO.
                Way underated also.
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                  EX5/7 are way better than the CS6x/r IMHO
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                    Originally posted by U&I
                    CS6X is the one to go for IMHO.

                    Does it feature all legendary CS1x sounds?


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                      The C6SX actually has (minus some of the acoustic & electric piano sounds) the same waveforms as the S80, a very underrated ax IMO.

                      Plus it has a set of real time knobs and 4 MB of sample ram. I've seen these things go for pretty cheap on Ebay.


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                        I used to have a 6X loaded with AN analogue and PL piano plugin boards.

                        It was a really great synth actually, the feel of quality was great with a metal chassis and nice keybed. Loads of knobs, wheels and even a ribbon controller. Excellent sounds.

                        But it wasn't much fun to program, and the way it interfaced with the plugin cards was awkward. Eventually I got bored with it coz I wanted better piano, organ and e-piano sounds. Replaced it with an Electro and never looked back.
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