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Any sweet NYE gigs?


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  • Any sweet NYE gigs?

    I have one-for once-at a local casino, subbing with a really good R&B/dance band, from 6:30 to 10:30. I just have to load in the (1) board I will be using and I get paid very well, with a room and a meal thrown in for good measure.
    Anyone else? (and by the way, "sweet" doesn't necessarily mean "lucrative".)

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    There's a gig for me? SWEET!
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      Over the past 20 years, I think I have only NOT played on New Year's Eve about 2 nights, so gigging has become quite the usual thing for me.

      My funk band has a typical gig playing for a country club NYE party. This will actually prove to be quite boring, but the good thing is that it is in town and the pay is huge, bordering on obscene. We have been doing a variety of in-town and out-of-town parties, but lately setting up parameters for NYE in which we don't travel and the money must be sick. We occasionally luck out with a really crazy fun party, but most of the time it is just a general business gig.

      Odd thing this year...we had a wedding gig on 12/30 that just ended about 2 hrs ago and I came right home to hang out with the family. So this year I'll have a double-shot of gigs on 12/30 and 12/31. Not the most crazy fun "rock star" gigs, but decent cashola and a fun time with my band mates.
      Originally posted by p120dUdE
      These are family forums, and many young kids come here and read them.

      I am sure there will be no problems, but if there is, my moderation team will take action.

      Originally posted by ChasIII
      Im so sick of keyboards. All this keyboard stuff people always use. All this keyboard synth talk all the time. I'm done with it. Never again.

      Im thinking that at some point I will have to stop this and start doing other things. Any thoughts, feelings, or ideas?


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        I do solo piano, vocals, drum machine, 50s/60s/70s, and work country clubs. Doing a gig tonight from 830PM to 1230AM for $1K plus steak and lobster dinner for me and the wife. 30 minute drive, easy load-in/load out. The ultimate NYE gig, at least for me.


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          Yup. I'm doing a country club solo piano gig from 6-10pm. Nothing exceptional although I'm tight with the clients and they enjoy my playing. So I'm going to run home afterwards, pick up the wife and a bottle of champagne, and head down to the beach for a midnight fireworks show over the Atlantic Ocean. I love living on an island.
          A wise man knows the difference between opera and barbeque...


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            I have a gig with the Dukes tonight. I am usually not a fan of New Years myself.
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              Actually, last year was the first time in 17 years that I did NOT have a NYE gig. I had one offered to me, but it was not playing for a full cut so I passed. Here's who I'm with this year:


              I'm taking the place of the big guy in the middle ( standing up in the main band photo). He is playing with Little Richard tonight. The bass player toured for years with Al Green and others. The bandleader has written hit songs for Little Milton and other Malaco artists. I'm in the midst of some heavy hitters, but I've played with them before and it's a fun gig (and they're desperate )


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                I usually am gigging somewhere on NYE - mostly the banquet hall/country club things... but this year I have a rare night off so I'll be home chillin' w/the wife and kids.
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                  After getting CANCELLED by the bar we were booked at (pricing issue...of course, they cancelled in October...FAR too late to book anywhere else) we received a ridiculous offer to play a wedding in Peoria. So, being the band whores we are, we took it

                  Have a safe new year's eve, everyone!
                  - StevieD


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                    I have a gig with the Dukes tonight. I am usually not a fan of New Years myself.

                    I'll be playing with The Roadmasters, w/ Joe Beard tonight at the Dinosaur BBQ and will be grubbin' on some delicious BBQ
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