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Any Ensoniq gurus out there?


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  • Any Ensoniq gurus out there?

    I just bought an old MR-61 on a whim--now I love it for gigs, EXCEPT for the acoustic guitar sounds (and the weight ). I have the Dance expansion model (?)--great synth sounds, but not much help in my band situation. I cover bass and rhythm or pads/synth behind the lead guitar and drums (split patches). Can anyone please share a good acoustic guitar patch with me, or direct me where to find available sound banks? Thanx

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    I own the MR-Rack which is the same sound engine with the Perfect Piano Installed. Also own a ZR-76 which is the same with 2 megs of drums in addition. I have always liked the sound engine, but agree that the acoustic guitars just don't work that well., but I am a guitar player so I am never very happy with synth guitar. I have used the electric as a kind of pad, though and it works in the right mix for recording. Programming these boards is not easy for me, although tweaking is - for EQ, FX, etc.

    Check out Syntaur for sounds.

    I don't have much time now, but I will find some other links. Sonic State is a resource, and there is a nice Yahoo group dedicated to the MR/ZR series. I recommend that - good folks there, but I have not participated in a while.

    Also www.thesoniq.com is an excellent resource for parts and gear.


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      Syntaur do a soundset but I seem to remember it's all synth patches, no guitars sorry.