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Access Virus TI 2 and OS3

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  • Access Virus TI 2 and OS3

    I noticed in the specs that the Virus TI 2 has more ROM and RAM locations. My question is: when you upgrade your original Virus TI to OS3, do you get the expanded ROM and RAM?

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    I just loaded OS 3, from os 2.5 and I noticed that the banks in ROM went from A-Z now.
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      so does that mean there are 1024 RAM and 3000 something ROM patches in the original TI? Are the patches totally new or just empty locations?


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        Betta Makes me scared. I'll download it in 3 months once I'm done with this current batch of songs. The last thing I need is for everything to crash, not work, have conflicts ect. in the middle of writing. I use my Virus on EVERYTHING so it would be a complete disaster.

        That being said the update looks awesome.
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          Are the patches totally new or just empty locations?

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