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Amature synthi .. which model to buy?


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  • Amature synthi .. which model to buy?

    Hi people

    I am relatively new synthi world. I have been playing MA-150 casio since 3-4 yers and want to tae ma music to next level now (as a hobby ). I want to buy a new keyboards with budget of 200 USDs (yamaha/casio or any other good brand). can anyone suggest something good for my purpose. i have gone through a few on net and shop and i found casio-ctk-4000 and ctk 810 really attractive.

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    With "synthi" people usually think of the (expensive, vintage) EMS Synthi, so you might want to spell the word fully - but then again, the Casio models you name are generally called arranger keyboards.

    Are you willing to get something secondhand or do you insist on new?
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        hmmm uselessly i was trying to sound pro ... anyways thanx for the advice..

        Well i will want a new one ..


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          Then you should have said "synth"
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