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Hammond B3 sounds on Alesis Q-Card???


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  • Hammond B3 sounds on Alesis Q-Card???

    I want to find the best hammond b3 sound for my Alesis QS8.1. The organs that come with this keyboard come a bit short. I have a few of the Alesis q-cards (vintage keyboards and such), but still no stellar b3 sound. I can't shell out the money for a new keyboard right now.

    I found this: http://www.midiworld.com/quadrasynth/chris.htm which looks interesting, but I have no way of getting those onto a blank q-card.

    So, I'm wondering if someone would be willing to put those hammond b3 sounds and/or something equivalent or better onto a blank q-card, and mail it to me for a fee? PM me to let me know what you can do and what you would charge.

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    There's a guy in Greece that explains, in intricate detail, how to use the Q-Cards and even put your own samples on them. Google it, and you'll know how to do it yourself.

    OR, just buy the Vintage Keys Q-Card. I've got the Vintage Synth, and I'm quite happy with it.....
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