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Why do my headphones only play on the left side?


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  • Why do my headphones only play on the left side?

    Perhaps I'm having trouble because I'm new to synthesizers and such, but why do my headphones only play out of the left speaker when I plug them into the headphone jack on my Alesis Micron? I'm using noise-canceling headphones with a 1/8" jack that has a 1/4" converter on it. thanks.

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    Could be a crappy connection. Try them on an ipod or something first.
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      It looks like the 1/4" adaptor may be mono only, thus only giving you sound on one side. It's no problem if you are a guitarist (mono) connecting into a source but you want stereo output. A 1/4' TRS (stereo) adaptor might do the trick.


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        yup,the adaptor is likely mono, 1 black line. u want to get the 2 black line ones (stereo)


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