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Regrets: which synth would you buy back?


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  • Regrets: which synth would you buy back?

    In 1988 I bought a JX3P with PG200 programmer. Traded it for a DX7 mk1 in 1989. Traded my DX7 + some money for a DX5 in 1991. I regretted selling these synths until recently. Last week I traded a W30 for a JX3P and yesterday I traded an X7000 + flightcase for a DX7. Still looking for a PG200 programmer and a DX5, but, no hurry...

    Which synths did you sell, but regetted doing so afterward and would you buy them again if you ran into one?

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    SH-2 near mint
    CL516 BLOG


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      Dearly regret selling:

      Moog Rogue
      Korg Z1
      Korg MS-10
      Waldorf XT
      Roland MKS-70

      Would like back the most:

      Korg Z1
      Waldorf XT
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        I've had a lot of cool gear over the years. I wouldn't say I regret selling any of it per se, but most of it would be cool to still have. An incomplete list:

        Jomox XBase09
        Emu PX-7
        Korg ES-1
        Yamaha SY-99
        Kawai K5000S
        Korg OASYS PCI
        Radikal Technologies Spectralis
        Waldorf Pulse
        Nord G2 Engine


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          So far I regret nothing, mainly because I've sold so little. The things I've sold, though, I don't miss.
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            So far I regret nothing, mainly because I've sold so little. The things I've sold, though, I don't miss.

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              You might be in luck Flat Earth, i'm probably going to part with my XT in the next month or two.

              P600 was the best sounding synth i ever parted with, though i don;t miss the noisy cheap keybed, Wavestation i suspect in the long run might be the only synth i ever buy back though i haven't done it yet.

              MS20/10 i don;t miss much, tbh found the semi-modularness never lived up to expectations, 700s is possibly the only monosynth i miss sometimes, an odd little beast, but very cool what you could do with it with a bit of twiddling
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                Nord Electro rack was so cool... I could really use it for my band-project.. I might be buying the Electro 3 this year, but I'll see what korg has to offer with their SV-1 first.


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                  I would not take anything back but there have been a few purchases where I wish I could go back in time and smack myself upside the head. GAS can be irritating in hindsight.

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                    Moog Prodigy w/Midi
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                      Oberheim OB-8
                      Roland SH-7 (sold to my best friend/bandmate though)
                      Crumar Orchestrator (sold to another friend, it's around still)
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                        Provided I could find one at the right price and with the other program banks allready loaded into it. A access virus kb.
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                          Here's the synths I've let go. In my defence, I was a poor student back then...

                          Roland Jupiter 4;
                          Moog MG-1;
                          Roland SH-2 (also mint).

                          Now, I'm never going to do that mistake again and my policy is to never sell anything that produce sound on it's own (rack gear and computer stuff are fair game however).
                          Apple PB G4, Digidesign MBox, LaCie D2 FW drive, Pro Tool LE, Ableton Live, Mackie 1202vlz. T.C. Electronic M300, Crown Audio PA.

                          Fender Jazz Bass 62 RI, EB Stingray 4, Yamaha Pacifica 112L, Minimoog Model D., Roland Juno 106, Clavia Nordlead 2, Korg MS20, Rhodes Mk I, Roland Paraphonic 505, Korg ES1 & ESX.


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                            sold my wavestation because of financial problems. wish to get it back


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                              Firstly, I sort of miss my Kurzweil K2000. But since I have a K2661, it sort of similar.

                              Secondly, I had to sell my Prophet 08 because a financial emergency. I regret that.

                              Finally, when I was a teen, I sold my ARP Omni and 2600. I regret that. Not because the 2600 would've fetch a ton of money, but because the Omni sounded awesome, had amazing bass, and you could put any keyboard on top. Damn, what a stupid teenager I was!