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Anyone know where to get parts for a Korg M1?


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  • Anyone know where to get parts for a Korg M1?

    The joystick is in little pieces. Anyone know where to find parts for it?
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    Damn... those are rare (joysticks, I mean). Try your luck finding ads selling faulty M1s, they should come cheap.
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      Just about all of them that I've seen sold for parts on ebay are missing the joystick. That must be the first thing that breaks. I predict that you'll spend too much trying to fix it, and in the end it'll still be an old M1. It's christmas, don't you want a shiny new Moog Voyager?
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        Have you looked here yet?

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          Maybe you could roll your own? Presuming the bottom part is intact, drill it out a little and then use some kind of smoothed aluminum rod crazy glued down into the hole. Just an idea.
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            Sell it to some Tejano musician for the too much they're willing to pay for them, and buy a new one =o]
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              korg themselves sell them! they're about