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Advice on new synth - Yamaha MX vs Roland XP-30

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  • Advice on new synth - Yamaha MX vs Roland XP-30

    I've had a Roland XP-30 for many years, with the Vintage Synth expansion board. I have enjoyed it tremendously however I've never gotten comfortable with the Roland interface; and although I loved the sounds they are starting to sound dated.

    I am considering replacing it for a newer synth such as a Yamaha MX 61 or 88. I like the Motif sounds and the simplicity of the keyboard yet there are certain aspects that feel like it's a downgrade (no aftertouch, cheaper build, possibly more limited editing capabilities). I am interested in an updated batch of sounds to re-inspire me and am wondering what you all think of moving to an MX. Budget is a limiting factor, as is my time/ability to learn a more complex synth.

    Look forward to your comments and suggestions...

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    I'd also used an XP-30 for many years, it's been retired from my gig rig for several years and the keyboard that now occupies it's former space is a Korg Krome 61. I've found the Krome to be a great replacement for the XP-30 as a 2nd tier keyboard. It's really lightweight, has a ton more memory/storage (as does any newer keyboard), has an editor program and other similar features of the XP. If you know anything about Korg their program/combination method is similar to Rolands patch/performance methodology.

    In the bigger picture I think it's actually hard to go wrong out there today with all the newer keyboards, features haven't changed much but the memory has really improved.


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      If you can, go visit a music emporium/store and audition some recent synths, especially used in good condition. You might find something you like, and can justify the outlay within your budget.