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Nord Electro 3 vs. Yamaha s90xs


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  • Nord Electro 3 vs. Yamaha s90xs

    Just looking in terms of vintage keyboard sounds. Rhodes, Wurli, Clav, Organ, Piano's. I know the s90xs does a lot more, but with the Electro being able to load in new samples from nords vast sample library for free, i'm torn between the two.

    I like the stage ex too, but that's so expensive for what you get. If that were 1000 bucks cheaper it may be a contender.

    Looking for two keyboards a year apart. This year I get one, next year I get the other. Maybe get the Electro 3 now and then the Yamaha SP5 next year. Or even forgoing the Electro 3 now and go fro the C2.

    Don't know what to get. Want them all, can only have one for now.

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    Prioritize your needs. It is a bit of apples and oranges comparison as the Electro is sooo focused on what it does and really delivers on the vintage electromechanical sounds. If those are the sounds you're looking for and you're ok with the waterfall action, get the Electro first.

    If you need a more general purpose board with thousands of great sounds and you like the weighted action, go for the Yamaha. It has fantastic EPs, clavs and pianos (organs not so much). I have each generation of these boards and love them. S90 + NE2 was my gig rig for almost 7 years and the S70XS + NE3 for the past 6 months or so.
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    These are family forums, and many young kids come here and read them.

    I am sure there will be no problems, but if there is, my moderation team will take action.

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    Im so sick of keyboards. All this keyboard stuff people always use. All this keyboard synth talk all the time. I'm done with it. Never again.

    Im thinking that at some point I will have to stop this and start doing other things. Any thoughts, feelings, or ideas?


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      Thank you eric. i've tried both, but now getting second thoughts right before i touch the "buy" button with the s90xs. I only hesitate because it's so big, yet I'd like to still have 88 keys, though even the 76 key is big.