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USB controller/Laptop Live - Anybody do this?

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  • USB controller/Laptop Live - Anybody do this?

    Whats the best way to use my Laptop and all my VSTi Instruments as a sound source in a live play application?
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    The only way I'd do this is with a MacBookPro and MainStage.
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      The only way I'd do this is with a MacBookPro and MainStage.

      You can also use LIVE + REASON.
      Awesome combination for live situations.

      And yes, MacBook Pro too + good enough audio interface.


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        If you just need a simple VSTi host and plan on playing the VSTi live then look at Xlutop Chainer or Steinberg V-STack. There are others out there but, the simplest and one I use is Chainer


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          I use my Macbook Pro and Mainstage2. Currently only running a single keyboard, but will be switching to two keyboards sometime soon.

          There are other vst hosts, but I don't think you can switch between sounds easily. With Mainstage, it's really easy to change sounds and parameters right from your controller. It also has a really nice full-screen mode that makes it easy to see whatever information you want on your laptop while you are performing.
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            I've been using a Macbook (not Pro) with Ableton Live live for a few years now. It has worked well for me. I have been just using a single keyboard as a controller, but just bought a Waldorf Blofeld. After years of abuse my Macbook died on me -- thankfully while I was at home surfing the web. I was able to snag another one cheap on Craigslist so I could still play out, but decided I really need some sort of backup. It also occurred to me that with what we put our laptops through, especially if they leave the house often and especially especially if they're general-use like mine, we shouldn't expect much more than 3 years out of them. I figured for the kind of money (and headache) I'd be going through as I replace dying or obsolete laptops, I'd be better off getting decent hardware with a better life expectancy.

            So I'm starting the migration to hardware. I've been to the other side of the mountain and still have one foot over there. This route is more expensive on the front end, but has more pros than cons for me.


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              It would work if you used an external sata hard drive thats 7200 rpm and added as much ram to the notebook as you can. If your notebook only has a 5400 rpm hard drive..the hard drive access time will not be fast eneough (9millisec or less) to stream audio very well. You could put in a new faster hard drive if you have a 5400 and reload widows. It is possible that some sample sets can be loaded onto a usb..depending on how fast the usb is..they vary widely as far as speed goes.
              The external hard drive takes a big load off of the cpu. Samples on external drive. Most notebooks are not powerful eneough to be real successful. Software that does not record (less cpu load) would be better.
              Might make sense to use a desktop with a small lcd monitor.


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                Devils - don't really get your question . . . what's your lappie's specs ?

                usb controller as . . . a keyboard, as a control surface . . . ?

                best way, imho is wita modern quad-core machine as a basis to work with & go from there
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