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SysEx for a Roland JX-8P?


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  • SysEx for a Roland JX-8P?

    This may be a long shot, but by any chance, does anyone have the Roland JX-8P sysex data for the factory patches P1 through P8, -P1 through -P8, and I1 through I8? Those buttons on my 1984 JX-8P have stopped working, and of course, there's no other way to get the JX-8P to transmit its sysex. I backed up the data a couple computers ago, but can no longer locate it.

    I need the sysex to fill in some factory patches that are missing in the PG-8X VSTi, in part as a backup in case the JX-8P dies, and so I will feel that it's safe to finally change the _original_ button battery that preserves the memory! I don't gig with the JX-8P anymore, but I still use its unique sounds occasionally when recording

    Keys: Roland Jupiter-50, JX-8P; Alesis QS8.1; Korg DW-8000, Mini-Korg (original); Moog ConcertMate; Farfisa Compact Deluxe. And other assorted stuff.