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First Official video of the Moog Lap Steel


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  • First Official video of the Moog Lap Steel


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    Very Cool!


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      This is very, very niche. Quite honestly I think it is sort of a dumb idea because it will appeal to a very limited audience. Who knows I could be wrong though. If I were at Moog I would concentrate on designing and marketing an effective 13 pin to MIDI converter for use with their MIDI-enabled guitars. AFAIK now that Axon is out of business, the only real game in town now is Roland (other than the inexpensive and monophonic Sonuus device). There are a lot of so-called "synth control" guitars out there that don't do anything but send outputs from a separate graph tech or other piezo saddle for each string, but there are almost no electronic converters for them. I don't get it personally. We need more options, but perhaps the fact that Axon has gone out of business indicates that the market is just too slim to support a company that specializes in guitar-to-midi converter electronics.

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        A lap steel is very niche, indeed. I used to play (arh! I used to play!) lapsteel and, though you can trick it into playing more than one inversion of a chord, it's no picnic; not much of a chordal instrument.

        Maybe Moog is working toward a pedal steel guitar. That would be quite another matter; pedal steel is a monster instrument.
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          Interesting - thanks for posting.
          I'd like to see a more informative video where someone is explaining and demonstrating the features in detail.
          I wonder what these will cost? I know the Moog guitars are quite expensive.


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            Moog, the holy grail for so many synthesists (not me), seems to have abandoned any kind of serious R&D in the keyboard department.
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              Yeah, this is pretty sad. They are just riding off the name at this point, working on guitar tech that has little bearing on the legacy, and finding new form factors for things that have been around for a long while.

              The name loses brand identity the more they do this.

              Plus, that tone, ugh, it's horrible.

              (As a sidenote, the Moog guitar, costing what it does, comes with a required crappy plastic foot controller, like the EP-1 with a circuit in it. Can't trust 'em to even build stuff well. I'm guessing this is probably the same way).